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Coffee Roaster

Since 1990, we have been working on providing the best solution for coffee roasting and processing. Producing mind-blowing coffee roasters is what we’ve been chasing all the time. The capacity of our roasters ranges from 1kg to 300kg. Currently Yoshan is the only company capable of producing coffee roasters up to 100kg+ in China.

Standout Features:

* Heat-resistant body is made of food grade 304 stainless steel,making it safe to roast.
* Double layers drum and insulation, perfect homogeneous roasting.

* Omron dual thermometer temperature PID controller
* Long-lasting, low-maintenance.quick access to common cleaning area.
* One key for warming up machine automatically.
* Accurate Germany brand thermocouples to detect real-time roasting.
* Variable drum and fan speeds.
* Precise hot air volume control.
* High power ADDKA motors for roasting and cooling at the same time.
* Computer USB work with Artisan software for data logger.

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